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Like an English garden, the taming of nature in wasteful ornament and harmony is the design carpet My Maori by OBSESSION. The basic material viscose cellulose is handmade to a cuddly, sensual feel tamed. You will not want to miss this feeling any more! And then the colors! A canon of the seasons: from the freshness of the sprouting spring, to the lush blooms of summer to the muted colours of autumn and winter! The design carpet My Maori by OBSESSION is a representative masterpiece from our NATURELINE and offers symptomatic of its intention: Nature refines in modern design to your liking. Enjoy simply and pure!

Carpet Care Information

Regular suction with a commercially available vacuum cleaner. Please do not use a brush vacuum cleaner as it may cause damage to the carpet. Easily pat stains with a damp cloth and remove them from the trade with a carpet cleaner. The carpet must not be cleaned wet.