Die Obsession-Kollektion 2021 kommt mit dem Duktus, selbst die Leidenschaft als Konvention hinter sich zu lassen!

Especially now that the situation in retail is changing almost from day to day, it is particularly important to offer suggestions and develop ideas. This is our task as a supplier and we believe that we can only do it by innovatively acting across the entire spectrum.


For the end customer, however, only the product itself counts! Here we are material-, texture- and value-added-agile. Proven and high-quality: the cross-weaving of our new Inca. Novel flats with zero-pile like the new Tilas and the discovery of the third, extremely stylish dimension with our new Bolero should inspire you!

This is because these innovations are being met by the consumer this season – and thus by the specialist market, the discounter as well as the modern furniture store.

Home Fashion is our label and with this catalogue we are really attacking! Skins, Cushions, Poufs – all with the special obsession handwriting