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What have we lost since we grew up in childhood? What are we trying to do now, all the more, to give back to our little ones every minute? Isn't it this feeling of absolute security? That feeling of unresusive love? The feeling of complete clarity and self-evidentness – nothing is easier than this basic trust? The baby and children's carpets My Lollipop from OBSESSION bring this feeling to your cozy and homely children's rooms. A deliberately simply chosen symbolism – a flirtatious kitten, a bunny that captures only the friendly dreams, a unicorn dancing on a rainbow sparks idyllic feelings. And for the awakened racers among the little ones, the race car motif must not be missing. In addition to this age-appropriate and contemplative choice of themes, the special highlight of this carpet is its material – fluffy, soft faux fur. A highlight that can hardly be put into words: We would actually have to invite you and your little ones to us to feel it, to feel it, to caress. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm, euphoria and devotion of children whenever they come into contact with the baby and children's carpet My Lollipop from OBSESSION. Convince yourself of this! Give your loved ones this idyll of colour and feeling – to beautifully undercut the most important time in their lives.

Carpet Care Information

Regular suction with a commercially available vacuum cleaner. Please do not use a brush vacuum cleaner as it may cause damage to the carpet. Easily pat stains with a damp cloth and remove them from the trade with a carpet cleaner. The carpet must not be cleaned wet.