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Opulence is the waste of what we do not necessarily need, abound, and therefore treat generously. Why the filigree ornamentation of the Gothic, which made no wall ever more stable. Why create a dish as mousse, soufflé or in essences when everything ends up in the stomach? And why the opera, the theatre and a gallery – all pure waste of time, impractical, useful to nothing! And why a carpet at all? Legend of Obsession from OBSESSION's exclusive HAUTE COUTURE line is our answer to this question. Because a carpet is also practical: with selected, natural materials – here viscose and wool – you get a living accessory through the highest-quality hand processing, which will accompany you forever. The dense knotting leads to an extraordinary feel – you will enjoy the soft play under your hand. But – and this is the parallel to opulence: Legend of Obsession is more than this usefulness, more than a warming situation and a little feel-good romance. In our understanding, a carpet is the expression of taste and finesse, of the will to counter the usefulness of everyday life. That's why we've balanced, balanced, and perfectly designed Legend of Obsession – that it seems like a waste: of beauty, exclusivity, and luxury. The Legend of Obsession design carpet is an offer from OBSESSION to meet the highest standards and offer more than mere additions. Enjoy our HAUTE COUTURE line!

Carpet Care Information

Regular suction with a commercially available vacuum cleaner. Please do not use a brush vacuum cleaner as it may cause damage to the carpet. Easily pat stains with a damp cloth and remove them from the trade with a carpet cleaner. The carpet must not be cleaned wet.