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We at OBSESSION have learned in recent years that we not only create sleek furnishings, but also participate in the lives of our customers in an intimate way. How many times have hello and goodbye been said when two faced each other on one of our design carpets, how often arguing and contracting, how often danced and played? Played especially! We are now a big player in the field of baby and children's carpets and therefore see ourselves as having a duty to present new things to you at all time. And your little ones! With the Children's Carpets My Juno, we have created colorful worlds of incredible color depth, which unfold their special charm through a precise screen print. We almost bring the Healing World motifs to life, so accurate and rich they are depicted. We believe that your loved ones will lose themselves in these little worlds and dream and a petting, a tapsen will also reveal the wonderful gentleness of the material – I will never let go of it! Treat yourself and your little ones to these colourful design candies as a highlight in their children's room! Grab the children's carpet My Juno from Obsession!

Carpet Care Information

Regular suction with a commercially available vacuum cleaner. Please do not use a brush vacuum cleaner as it may cause damage to the carpet. Easily pat stains with a damp cloth and remove them from the trade with a carpet cleaner. The carpet must not be cleaned wet.