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What association of pure clarity do you have? The silver moonlight in a winter-cold night? The design of Italian sports cars in the Monaco course? Scented lavender fields over the Tuscan hills?
We at OBSESSION have the Breeze of Obsession design carpet! The complete reduction to the essence of our tradition. Powerful colours, selected and tested to celebrate the ostensable character of the accessory: it is functional in the practical sense, but meaningful in accentuating, structuring and nuance. Selected materials that are subject to state-of-the-art optimization as they continue their tradition. That's why we made Breeze of Obsession from the highest-quality Lyocell fiber and chose colors of clearbrillation.
You have your association of pure clarity – we at OBSESSION have the ambition to fulfill it with this design carpet! Enjoy our HAUTE COUTURE line!

Carpet Care Information

Regular suction with a commercially available vacuum cleaner. Please do not use a brush vacuum cleaner as it may cause damage to the carpet. Easily pat stains with a damp cloth and remove them from the trade with a carpet cleaner. The carpet must not be cleaned wet.